Wendy, fantasy name, came to my observation highly traumatized at the age of 13 years and 9 months.

The dentist where she was treated before coming to me had made her wear the Delaire Mask. And what is it?

The problems with which the girl comes to my observation are:

  • temporomandibular joint symptoms
  • open bite (mild, but only hits with back teeth)
  • dental asymmetry and of the middle and lower third of the face
  • head posture slightly inclined to the right

I therefore decided to start with a soft Myobrace (series A1) to see if wearing it for an hour a day with closed lips and all night long would help the patient benefit from the joint problems.

The patient commits herself and follows our instructions and after a few months we have already recovered the symmetry and there are no more joint problems.

At this point we move on to Myobrace A2 accompanied by a simple finishing fixed lingual orthodontics.

After 18 months we remove the fixed braces leaving minimal retainers, only 31 41 and 11 12 splinted because they are the teeth I trusted the least.

The maintenance and consolidation of the result obtained is entrusted to Myobrace A3.

After 5 years (the case started at 13 years and 9 months + 18 months of treatment) the girl is now a 20-year-old young lady. The case remains stable.