Today I want to share this video with you and apologize if I haven’t posted in a while. In recent months, without ever neglecting my activity as a clinician at Studio Giorgino, I have had the opportunity to organize various courses and participate in important congresses, and I have had very little time to publish something. Now that the first Italian Myobrace Summit has just ended (what a fantastic event, congratulations to Primalux who organized it) I can finally sum up.

Finally, and proudly, I achieved the goal I set for myself many years ago, which is to become the first Myobrace Provider in the country. What I couldn’t imagine at the time is that I would also become the reference for the “Myobrace Study Group” in Italy, and beyond. After having held courses to teach colleagues how to integrate the Myobrace system within their clinics, I was invited by Great Orthodontic Team to tell my experience, in the company of university professors of national and international renown, then they asked me to participate at the first Myobrace Summit in Italy, but in the meantime also the headquarters of Myoresearch in the Netherlands contacted me to propose to organize a course in Helsinki and also be a speaker at the European Summit, where I will be able to compare my experience with that of the most important experts in myofunctional orthodontics throughout Europe. And, the icing on the cake, I also received an invitation from the Federico II University of Naples.

And they tell me that this is just the beginning: I have other courses planned, including advanced ones for those who now use Myobrace but don’t know every aspect well, courses for those who want to learn how to use the BWS and, finally, the publishing house, which I thank for trust, he would like me to publish a book. For now, I finally just want to relax and enjoy a nice weekend with my family, and then it’s off to a good start. Greetings to all readers of this blog.


PS: in all of this I’ve never neglected to be a digital dentist too, and I can’t wait to present you a preview of some of the technologies that will really revolutionize our work for the better. And I’m not just saying that. I can’t wait!