Who I am

Vincenzo Giorgino

Digital and myofunctional dentistry

I like to call myself an all-round Dentist because I manage every area of my work:
there is no area of my profession in which I have not completed a postgraduate training course to offer the best to my patients aged 3 to 99, from their first entry into the clinic and regardless of the reason for the visit. I want to be sure of being able to deal with every single aspect concerning the middle and lower third of their face, from caries, to the complete rehabilitation of the dental arches, from the restoration of breathing and the correct position of the tongue in rest to the more complex lingual orthodontics, to extractions of eighths in guided surgery, up to dental cosmetics.

Of course, I can’t always personally take care of everything, which is why I have surrounded myself with excellent collaborators, a dream team driven by the motivation to give my best.

Why a blog?

I decided to open this blog to be able to talk about Digital Dentistry and Myofunctional Dentistry, areas so important to me that they become the core of my own definition. My skills in these two areas have also allowed me to test myself in the role of lecturer and speaker for important universities and scientific companies, and it is precisely on these pages that it will be my intention to convey what I have done in 20 years of experience and what it is still possible to achieve.

My inspirations


My three great passions in life are snowboarding, dentistry and computer science. The first is a story in itself, but realising at some point in my education that I could combine my profession with my nerd side was priceless. Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by computers and what they could do, and my curiosity led me to find out how they were made, first at the hardware level and later at the software level. So, between a game of Double Dragon and a game of Street Fighter II, I enjoyed programming in Basic and Turbo Pascal, and then, at university, I came across Linux and the whole universe of open-source programs revolving around it. One day I discovered that the world’s first Master of Digital Dentistry was being held in Varese, my home town: coincidence? I don’t think so. I attended and the following year I was invited to teach “Theoretical and Clinical Management of Open Source Software” and to be a speaker for the DDS, Digital Dentistry Society, at ExpoDental in Rimini. Now I put into practice what I have learned and I learn every day, always with an eye on the open world, and it is wonderful to see how well IT and dentistry go together!


My experience as a myofunctional dentist comes from myofunctional orthodontics. Traditional’ orthodontics, by definition, focuses on malocclusion and the damage it causes to function. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. It is myofunctional imbalances that cause malocclusion and maldevelopment of the jaw. Why do so few colleagues still correct oral breathing, low tongue position, hyper- or hypotonic lip and cheek muscles? Remnants of mid-20th century orthodontics? By intervening in these aspects, we can condition the development of the jaws and a correct dental permutation will follow. Eliminating the cause of a pathology is a cornerstone of medicine. We cannot reduce a malocclusion due to a dysfunction (which is almost always the case) to an orthodontic problem, because it is also a pedodontic, orthopaedic, gnathological, dysfunctional problem and goes beyond the malocclusion of a tooth. It is a dental problem and a general health problem. Nothing makes me feel more professionally fulfilled than to convey this paradigm shift to a colleague, not necessarily an orthodontist. This is what I try to teach in my courses; we owe it to all patients, especially the growing ones! From orthodontics to myofunctional dentistry is a short step: just apply the same concepts of myofunctional therapy when approaching a prosthetic or implant-prosthetic rehabilitation case!

My CV from graduating in 2007 until today

I am a level 1 dentist at Studio Giorgino S.r.l. where I carry out clinical, organisational and managerial tasks. I work in all areas of dentistry, with a particular passion for Myofunctional Orthodontics and Digital Dentistry. I am a lecturer at Primalux courses for Myobrace, a modern orthodontic technique that aims to treat not only the malocclusion but also the cause of it. This technique is particularly indicated in the treatment of growing patients and has important positive effects not only on the position of the teeth and the development of the face, but also on the patient’s general state of health, intervening in the functions and muscles that determine the correct development of the jaw and the jawbone and, therefore, the position of the teeth. I am the first certified Myobrace Educator and Provider in Italy and the first Myobrace activity centre, referent for the Myobrace study groups in Italy. Since 2022 I have also been teaching abroad and I boast appearances at national and European congresses and summits, as keynote speaker.

  • Graduated from the University of Pavia in 2007 in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics with 101/110.
  • Two-year postgraduate course in Implant Prosthetics at the University of Pavia with Professor Rizzo and Professor Rodriguez.
  • Practical course in advanced implantology and microscopic surgery on human anatomical specimens.
  • Member of SIdP: Italian Society of Periodontology and Implantology
  • Advanced Theoretical and Practical Course in Endodontics by Dr Monza A. Daniele and Dr Loris G. Ferrari
  • Member of SIdOC: Italian Society of Conservative Dentistry
  • Two-year course in Bioprogressive Dentistry by Professor Franco Bruno
  • Member of SIOB: Italian Society of Bioprogressive Orthodontics
  • Advanced course in Lingual Orthodontics 2D Technique
  • Member of SIDO: Italian Society of Orthodontics
  • Lumineers Course and Lumineers Certification
  • Win Lingualsystem Certificate (Individual Lingual Orthodontics)
  • Invisalign Certificate
  • Master of Digital Dentistry Level II at the University of Insubria by Professor Aldo Macchi and Professor Carlo Mangano
  • DDS member: Society of Digital Dentistry
  • Teaching assignment “Theoretical and Clinical Management of Open Source Software” as part of the 2nd Level Master in Digital Dentistry 2nd Edition – University of Insubria
  • ADSD Certificate: Aesthetic Digital Smile Design
  • Creator and promoter of the Ubuntooth Linux distribution
  • Member of SIOI: Italian Society of Paediatric Dentistry
  • Key Presenter for MRC: Myofunctional Research Company (European Summit)
  • Member of SIDO and DDS
  • Myobrace Certified Provider (First in Italy)
  • Speaker of the course for Primalux: “Myobrace in theory and practice, integration of the treatment system in the clinic”.