Giò, invented name, is a case I am very attached to and which I often show to colleagues in webinars and courses.

Giò came to my observation at the age of 7 and a half, in 2014 and presented the typical profile of a rabbit, in more technical terms “second class first division” but, apart from the evident malocclusion, he presented some malfunctions that we have verified during the orthodontic-myofunctional evaluation such as: “mixed” breathing, incorrect posture of the tongue, atypical swallowing, slight lip incompetence.

During the first visit, we evaluated the use of preformed silicone appliances equipped with dental guides, to solve the malocclusion but, in agreement with the osteopath, we found that once worn they worsened Giò’s posture.

Instead, once Myobrace K1 was put on, without dental guides, the patient was perfectly centered and the posture not only did not worsen but actually improved. For this reason and to set up the treatment from a myofunctional point of view, we opted for the Myobrace K series devices. At the time, we did not yet perform the protocol with the Myobrace Activities, i.e. the myofunctional re-education exercises that we have all our growing patients perform. results were only obtained by wearing the devices one hour a day and overnight.

We then begin the treatment, with the classic indications of wearing the device for an hour a day with closed lips and all night long. Giò is very good and follows our instructions to the letter and, after only 7 months, the change is already exciting!

We move on to the next device, the K2, and continue the treatment until it’s complete 24 months later. All we will do from now on is check the patient every 6 months for classic hygiene (and some photos) and advise to continue using the device at night, to allow the device, as the patient grows, to further improve the result over time.

Today, 2021, Giò turns 14. 5 years after the end of the treatment, and having replaced the patient’s old K2 with a T4 only in this period, the result was maintained. Our most important achievement, other than the orthodontic outcome which can always be perfected if the patient wishes with a finishing orthodontics once growth is complete, is that we have unlocked the patient’s growth potential and created new and corrected engram motors that they improve his general health and contribute to the normal physiological growth of the dental arches and the correct replacement of the teeth.

Giò never had braces during his treatments and was always happy, I would say almost enthusiastic, to come to all the appointments!