Before the summer holidays I was asked by Professor Vincenzo D’Antò, a person I respect very much from both a professional and human point of view, to organize a webinar for the Federico II University of Naples, in particular for specialists in orthodontics.

Wow, what an honor! Of course I answered yes with great enthusiasm and the webinar lived up to expectations, or so I was told.

The moment of connection is always electrifying, you are alone in a room with headphones and the organizers invite you to enter: all of a sudden it almost seems like you have them there by your side. Then slowly they let the participants in, and I imagine many young people, in front of their computers, who connect and wait to get to know me and hear what I will never have so important to say for having bothered Prof D’Antò himself to strongly want this lesson. And I, always a little excited at the beginning, trying to tell the vision of myofunctional orthodontics to see the malocclusion, and therefore the importance of making a diagnosis starting from myofunctional imbalances and not from cephalometric tracings.

Too bad it was just a webinar, I’d like to be able to see Naples again, perhaps to organize a real face-to-face course, because webinars are certainly comfortable from many points of view, but unfortunately the human side is missing, the handshake, face-to-face comparison .

But I’m sure the opportunity will not be missed!

Thanks again Professor D’Antò for the opportunity to speak in such a prestigious context!