I had the incredible experience of being invited, as a speaker, to the Myobrace European Myofunctional Orthodontics Summit. As I always emphasize to students during my courses, after having had a first experience as a public speaker in 2015 together with my friend Professor Luca Levrini, I continued with passion to enter the Myobrace world and I tried to do it through their most popular speakers, analyzing and studying everything they left online: Dr. Chris Farrell (the founder of MRC), Dr. John Flutter, Jessica Maidman (the first Myobrace Educator), Dr. Madeeha Khan, Patrick McKeown, and many others. Maybe in Italy these names don’t say much, but they are famous speakers all over the world, just do a little search on Google.

Well, from 2 to 5 November 2022, I was there, with them and another dozen speakers to tell my experience as a clinician with this method to almost a hundred enthusiastic colleagues who signed up for the Summit from all over the world!

The only Italian participant, the legendary colleague Dr. Gioacchino Pellegrino, with whom I share a lot of bioprogressive orthodontics and with whom I discussed a lot during the Summit. A person I respected even before knowing him and I hope to see again soon. The atmosphere of the Summit, held in Waalwijk, Holland, at the headquarters of MRC Europe, was truly exciting and the level of interventions exceptional. All of great interest, none overlapping each other, each intervention enriched the theme of myofunctional orthodontics under a different aspect. I’m biased, but nothing prevents me from the fact that the future of orthodontics and our profession was in those classrooms, and that what I do today in the studio in 10-15 years will be what everyone will do.

What I never expected was to be featured in the official Summit brochure right after Farrell and Flutter. OH! Given the presence of Jess and Madee, who arrived directly from Australia to participate in the Summit but also to issue the first official Myobrace Educator certificates in Europe, Dr. Silvia Giorgino and I took advantage of it! And after having put the flag to become the First Provider in Italy, my sister and I are also the first and only certified Myobrace Educators in Italy, at least until today! In the evening, the fantastic MRC Staff (I finally had the honor of meeting the big boss, Carmen) always organized something different: beer tasting, bowling, Dutch party, and we met in the beautiful ‘s-Hertogenbosch, for the friends Den Bosch, which the local Dutch consider the real Holland, not Amsterdam! What I can say is that I saw a truly beautiful city, as well as welcoming. Everything went well, even my speech in English (what an honor to receive compliments from Flutter!), what else to say… I was a bit sorry for the almost total absence of the Italian participants. Well, that means there’s still a lot of work to do… for me!

P.S. the queue of colleagues who wanted to take a selfie with me after my speech is the most emotional memory I have since I have been a speaker. I was playing at home, MRC EUROPE, it’s true, but I’ve never had such genuine enthusiasm. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who made it possible.