On Wednesday 7 December 2022, accepting the invitation of my friend and mentor Professor Luca Levrini, director of the School of Specialization in Orthodontics of the University of Insubria, I held a course on the Myobrace system for postgraduate students, both for the use of preformed devices and for Myobrace Activities, as I am also a certified Myobrace Educator.

I think the students found it very interesting.

I like doing these lessons because it is always a crescendo, starting from simple cases up to even very complex cases, with long follow-ups, some up to 10 years, inherent precisely to those cases that I showed at the beginning of my activity as a speaker, coincidentally with Luca. This, for example, is the poster of a course we held together in 2015!

For me it was an honor to show my skills as a lingual and myofunctional orthodontist right here in Varese, and right in this school where one of my most important teachers was present, and still is in everyone’s hearts, the one to whom I owe my passion for lingual orthodontics: Professor Aldo Macchi.

It is to him and to his memory that I dedicate this day and this beautiful experience.