She is Starlight, fantasy name. She came to my observation at age 20, 2 years of lingual orthodontics + Myobrace Trainer, use only at night. After 10 years we can see that the case remains stable. The initial situation was the following.

A second skeletal and dental class. A “bunny” profile. Before coming to my office, the patient had consulted many professionals, all of whom had recommended the extraction of the 4 premolars. I offered her what I usually do to solve malocclusions in adult patients: invisible orthodontics with Myobrace Trainer. Without extractions. At the application of the lingual orthodontic appliance, the situation was as follows.

After two years of treatment, before the removal of the braces, without the use of second-class mechanics, no elastics between the arches, nothing except the Night Trainer beyond the lingual braces, the patient’s mouth looked like this.

It can be seen how the red Trainer, precisely the red T4A, the device with which I usually conclude these cases, to be worn only at night, has been instrumental in modifying, together with the lingual archwires, the dental arch of the upper jaw and has facilitated mandibular advancement, thus resolving the overjet and correcting the skeletal and dental class. When the appliance is removed, this is the situation.

Since the patient was about to move, I didn’t want to leave the task of maintaining the restraint to the Trainer alone, as I often do, and I opted for 2 transparent masks to wear at night. Years later, during a webinar, I asked the patient if she could send me pictures, to see how the case was maintaining.

Even today, after 10 years, the teeth have remained exactly in their place, indeed they even seem to improve over time, which means that the Trainer, even if worn only passively during the night, has still acted on the muscles and functions, in particular on the lingual posture, keeping the result stable over time. On the occasion of the Myobrace Summit held at the Reggia di Venaria on May 27-28, 2022, the patient gave me a video, aimed at the Summit audience, which I want to share with you today. I could not receive more beautiful gratification for my work.